Strength comes in numbers, so why not bring your clan with you and join our Biggest Clan Contest? Be the clan with the most members and get a large printed banner to place near where you sit in the LAN. Make your friends jealous and your enemies fear you with your notoriety or make up for your lack of number by showing your clan spirit or your gaming prowess. Last day to register your clan mates is July 5th.

Largest Clan

If your clan is one of the top 5 with the most members, you’ll receive a large printed banner to stand over your area of the LAN. Make your friends jealous and your enemies fear your notoriety. The current standings for the Largest Clan Contest are as follows.

1st Southeast Gamers

Tied for Second: Budget Envy, FREdes.PRO

Within Striking Distance: Video Game Date Night, Valley Girls, Neongold, GnarGnars, BattleBros

Clan Spirit

So what if you clan is small in number, you make your presence known wherever you go.  If this describes your clan you win this contest at the event by a vote of LAN attendees. You just need to be the loudest coolest clan at the show! So, coordinate your cosplay, decorate your area, learn to perform your favorite gaming theme song on kazoos, whatever makes people want to join your clan or at least vote for you.

Best Clan

This is simple if you win more tournaments and contests at the show then you are the best, as it should be. More details at the event, practice everything!

So, who do you bring?

Buy your tickets by 7/1/17 to participate.

If you haven’t already bought your ticket it is time to do so now! You can find all available tickets and pricing here.

Stay Tuned

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