DreamHack Atlanta Seat Map released

DreamHack Atlanta Seat map released

Start packing your computer, all your gaming gear, and get ready for the greatest LAN experience in North America. DreamHack is heading to Atlanta and it’s time to grab your seat!

DreamHack is all about the LAN party, and the ultimate way to experience a DreamHack event is to bring your gaming rig, connect to the network and game on with old and new friends! Our LAN party is open 24 hours a day, throughout the weekend. That means 50+ hours of LAN party time!

Visit our seat map page for more information about your preferred seat, or have a look at the map below. All ticket holders will receive their code today, Wednesday 19th April, 12 PM EDT (6 PM CEST). The Premium and Founders ticket holders can use their code right away, while regular ticket holders will be eligible to use their code tomorrow Thursday 20th April, 12 PM EDT (6 PM CEST).


If you’re going to DreamHack Atlanta, make sure to grab a hotel too! Reserve your place today and get ready for a trip to gaming heaven. We’re hoping to see you there!


Strength comes in numbers, so why not bring your clan with you and join our Biggest Clan Contest? Be the clan with the most members and get a large printed banner to place near where you sit in the LAN. Make your friends jealous and your enemies fear you with your notoriety. The top 3 clans will each win one banner, with the largest going to first place. Any group of friends, school, clan, can enter to win! Tell your clan/group to add your “clan” name when registering for their DreamHack tickets (make sure they type it the same way).

1. Largest Clan Contest
If your clan is one of the top 5 with the most members, you’ll receive a large printed banner to stand over your area of the LAN. Make your friends jealous and your enemies fear your notoriety. The current standings for the Largest Clan Contest are as follows.

1st: Southeast Gamers
2nd: Neongold, GnarGnars, FREdes.Pro, Valley Girls

2. Top 3 Favorite Clans
Does your clan wear matching t-shirts and headbands? Does your clan have an affinity for neon lights and sparkly objects? WELL THEN, this is the contest for YOU! Come decked out in your clan gear + decorate your clan’s entire LAN area with rope lights, funky designs, banners, and more to strut your stuff AND earn shiny prizes for you and your besties!

3. Clan Hall of Fame
The clan with the most points wins! Compete in LAN tournaments, quests, scavenger hunts and more, to earn points for your clan! Full details will be released upon arrival at the LAN. The top 3 clans will win glorious prizes.

So, who do you bring?

Buy your tickets now

If you haven’t already bought your ticket it is time to do so now! You can find all available tickets and pricing here. Don’t delay and pick up your ticket today!