DreamLeague Season 7 Playoffs at DreamHack Atlanta

DreamLeague is back with it’s seventh season and we are very excited to show you guys what we have been working on since the season 6 finals at DreamHack Winter 2016. You will recognize a lot of things from past seasons because we think they work really well and we want to continue to build on the traditions in DreamLeague.

The biggest change for season 7 is that we will expand the league to north america. We recognise the growing Dota2 talent in the NA region and we want to give them a chance to prove themselves in DreamLeague without having to deal with latency issues. Therefore we have created an NA division for DreamLeague season 7 with 4 teams. They will duke it out and compete for one playoff spot.

And the second big change to season 7 is that the playoffs will be held in Atlanta during DreamHack Atlanta on July 21-22.

The playoffs

Dates: 21-22 July 2017
Location: DreamHack Atlanta 2017
Tickets: atlanta.dreamhack.com/17/tickets/
Teams: 4
Format: Double elimination BO3
Grand final: Bo5 without upper bracket advantage
Prize money: $175,000 ($243,000 in total)
1st $80,000
2nd $45,000
3rd $30,000
4th $20,000

For schedule and more information about the League play please visit the Official DreamLeague website.

DreamLeague Season 7 Teams

DeamLeague Season 7 Talent

DreamLeague would be nothing without our amazing talent pool and the four members of our permanent panel are no other than the four talented people below:

Want to know more about the DreamLeague talent? Please visit the Official DreamLeague Website.


Make sure to secure your ticket to the DreamLeague Season 7 playoffs. Whether you buy a 1-Day Pass, Event Pass or BYOC Pass you will have access to watch the epic playoffs on stage. Head over to the ticket site to see all ticket types and prices.

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