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Parental Information

DreamHack is the world’s largest LAN and computer festival, with festivals held all over the world at locations such as Jönköping, Austin, Valencia, and Montreal. DreamHack started in 1994, and in 1997 the event had grown into something really big. In 2000, it was found that the former venue, Kupolen (The Dome) in Borlänge, Sweden, was too small, thus the festival was moved to Jönköping and the big expo Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre, which is the current venue. In 2016, DreamHack expanded its activities to North America and arranged its first digital festival outside Europe. The festival was held in Austin in May 2016, and since then, DreamHack has expanded even more to include the cities Atlanta and Denver.

Visitor Tickets: Day Pass or Parent Ticket

Visitor tickets (1-day pass or 3-day pass) are available for DreamHack Atlanta. Day passes costs $20 if you buy it via DreamHack’s web shop or at the entrance itself. The day pass is valid between 9.00 AM And 12:00 AM. A 3-day pass is valid for entry throughout the event, but does not include a computer seat (which costs $70) and is available for purchase, both in our online store and at the entrance. More information about the tickets can be found at

If you’re child is attending DreamHack and you would like to join with them you can purchase a parent ticket. This ticket is discounted 50%. Please e-mail your child’s Eventbrite ticket order ID to support[a] and explain to us you are joining your child and would like to purchase a parent ticket. You might be asked for identification per e-mail or on-site to prove you are family.

Inform your kids

When teenagers attend LAN events it is common for them to be sloppy with hygiene, sleep, and food. We therefore ask you as parents to inform your children about what type of consequences it might have. Since it gets hot and dry in the halls it is also important to drink well, and we prefer they to drink water instead of cola and other soft drinks. Most likely, they will also feel better if they avoid liquids with sugar or caffeine. DreamHack is working each year to improve the supply of food so that everyone can find varied dishes at a reasonable price. It is also very important to sleep properly. Two hours per night is not enough for the body to stay healthy. Make sure your children bring sleeping equipment (air mattresses, sleeping bags, etc.) so they don’t have to feel ill because of too little sleep.

Remind your child to bring medication and documentation to carry with them in serious cases, including contact details to a legal guardian. A good tip is that you add a number for a contact person in your child’s mobile phone that can help with medical decisions in case of an emergency. This should be highlighted in the phone’s phone book with the name of the contact beginning with the letters ICE (short for In Case of Emergency). For example, the home number could be called “ICE Mom”. In this way it’s easy to get healthcare professionals to find a suitable contact among all phone numbers. The system is used in many countries and is an effective function – and completely free!


DreamHack is an event were incidents rarely happen. We have a zero tolerance on drugs, and we strive for a friendly environment. A local security company will have staff at the venue 24 hours a day, and there will also be regular police patrols on site. DreamHack collaborates with emergency services and the police to create a safe event as humanly possible. DreamHack has its own security officers who work with preventive security, and helps participants with security issues. For example, contact the police in case of lost property. We have broad expertise in the field of fire safety and first aid. If something serious would occur, we will immediately call the police, fire brigade and ambulance care.


DreamHack is hosted by DreamHack Inc, which has a team of around 65 global employees who work all year round preparing for events and festivals all over the world. During the festivals, another 250 volunteers help to make the festival possible.