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Rocket League Championship – broadcast talent

Rocket League Championship – Broadcast talent

Just a couple of days ago we announced all the teams going to DreamHack Atlanta, July 21st to July 23rd at Georgia World Congress Center. Today we’re happy to present to you the talented broadcast line up that will entertain you throughout the DreamHack Rocket League Championship!


RocketLeague Atl Talent (1)
Host – Caleb “Wavepunk” Simmons
Analyst – Michael “Quinn Lobdell” Behrouzi
Analyst – Adam “Lawler” Thornton
Play by play caster – Michael “Achieves” Williams
Color caster – Grant “Fickle” Haynes
Caster – James “Jamesbot” Villar

Sign up

The sign ups for the Rocket League Championship is still open, and you should participate in the tournament! To register, just follow this link to create your team. Each team of 3 will be signed up through the team captain who will be the contact point for DreamHack, who can also modify the responses later by saving the url given upon submission.

To sign up each team must confirm participants are 18 or older, and those 13 and older have permission to attend the event.


All member on a team will need an event pass to get into the event, you can find them on our ticket page for DreamHack Atlanta, July 21-23. Players who get into the event through BYOC can participate as well.

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